How to Be Less Bored in Business Meetings

Business Meetings

Work Hard but Work Smart

Anyone who’s done any kind of business ever knows how time-consuming, to say least, meetings can be. Unproductive is the second word that pops into mind.

If you’re a top manager, and you need to spend 3 of 5 working days in meetings, you’d want to be focused and constructive, be it in-person or remote.

Is there any way those can be less of a checking-time-discretely-every-2-minutes event? There are a lot of gadgets on the market designed to facilitate the professional environment where a lot of people are involved: meetings, conferences, working retreats, strategic planning, and other corporate events.

When you deal with highly organized companies, such as Web design company Houston, you know your business story will be a success. Why? Because the first step in their 6-step design process is an epitome of an effective meeting. They make sure you don’t waste your precious time. 

So, how do you know what constitutes an effective meeting that you won’t dread?

First and foremost, it is well-structured. It’s also focused, purposeful, and leaves you feeling you’ve solved your business problem- you’ve got all your questions answered, nothing to ruminate about. 

Second, it is most likely the meeting where fantastic technology is utilized to leverage its effectiveness. 

Rent, Don’t Buy

If you have a limited budget and can’t go big, or your business doesn’t constantly require a bunch of unused iPads or VR technology, a good suggestion is to rent. 

Nowadays you can rent audio and video technology, tablets, and such, all of which lead to a great meeting experience. Also, you can fix a short-term or a long-term rental deal, so it’s quite flexible and feasible.

What Else?

In this article which elaborates on equipment used in meeting rooms, we see that leading tech companies have been wading deeply in tech-wizardry. Here are some of the things they suggest:

Microsoft and Automatic Transcription

This is still in a prototype phase, but it’s so cool. Imagine a room for meetings where you can get an instant transcription of any spoken input or an all-angle camera that instantly identifies the speaker. You don’t have to search for who’s speaking and therefore lose the focus from what is being said. Loud and clear, at that.

White Board

Several years ago, it was very expensive and quite fancy to have such an interactive piece in your office, but nowadays it’s a staple. A lot of things can be done remotely (and remote IS the keyword these days), and you don’t have to repeat actions- click the save button and use it later.

Table with Sensors

When you think of a meeting, what’s the first thing that comes into mind? Ok, other than “boring” or “why” or “can’t we do it on the phone?”

It’s probably the feeling of being stuck behind some long desk where your back starts to stiffen. 

There is a company that has been making a considerable shift in table-chair-office footprint for 3 years now. Herman Muller Inc. wanted to create a great office, and consequently, an extraordinary meeting experience, by introducing the seating equipment which is seamlessly connected to the cloud via wifi (which is completely secure), collecting anonymous data from its users to make their experience better, and thus your business. 


By applying a holistic, intuitive approach to how people move in the offices, i.e. in the chairs. First, you have to set the app for healthy moving preferences, then the chair or table collects the (otherwise anonymous) data on your posture and movement, and followed by an analysis, it gives you feedback formed as a future action plan. The collected data are also useful because your company has an insight into how employees move and engage, helping them to be as cozy as possible. 

You may tailor the meetings according to the data since you know the exact immobility threshold and their movement preferences. 

There are quite a few other similar smart products on the market, such as the chair with sensors that oozes vibrations if you’re seated for too long.

So long the unpleasant fidgeting! Or hello shorter and more effective meetings.

Transcribe Your Handwriting as We… Write

This is a hype pen is a miracle-worker: it transcribes your handwriting into meaningful documents in real-time. It is also a miniature audio recorder that can work (x4) for ten hours straight. 

On top of that, it can store tons of your handwriting- 1200 pages to be exact. 

And when you think you can’t beat that, you learn that this tiny, yet powerful device can recognize 22 languages.

Do meetings like a boss.

Any News This Year?

We hoped to find new technological development for the business sector at this year’s CES in Las Vegas (although we know it is for consumers). What we found interesting and usable for meetings in the future is 5G phones, which are slowly crawling, but still not in full swing, since the network hasn’t been fully developed. 

Another thing that is going to be THE THING is folded gadgets. Not that we desperately need that.

(TV) Screens are bigger but not substantially better. 

So, there are certain updates, expensive stuff is getting more expensive, but it takes time for these to unfold, and for people to truly feel the difference in their experience.


It’s easy to joke about the meetings and how painfully ineffective and tedious they are. We offered some of the possibilities to check and incorporate in your business practice so that none of the attendees would want to perform proverbial hara-kiri.

Bear in mind several key things about that- have a logical, short, and focused agenda, and use some gadgets to make the experience more than bearable- make it memorable.

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