Secret Tactics to Synthesise into Effective Strategies to Boost Car Wash Station Revenue

Car Wash Station

Car wash station owners are encountering a challenge–dwindling customers. New carwashes are growing in number and are operating almost everywhere. As the carwashes have to share the same customer pool, the number of cars washed at full-service carwashes is decreasing year after year.

There are also more reasons for the falling number of cars at carwashes. Many car owners tend to skip washing their cars due to time constraints. Besides, car owners usually prefer washing their vehicles at the nearest carwash due to convenience.

To deal with the challenge, most car wash owners try to increase the number of customers every month through various means, but bear in mind that it is not the only option.

Each car wash owner needs to have an individual strategy. He can consider factors, like location, added features, pricing, etc. to formulate his plan.

At the same time, there are five secrets for all car wash owners to know that will enable them to push up their revenue. The secrets are the following:

Include a Profit Margin in the Wash Price

Every car wash calls for a particular cost known as the operator cost. The cost of washing a car can be determined only after factoring everything used in the process, from chemicals to all utilities. You can play a trick in the calculation of the cost of a car wash. While calculating the total cost, make sure you add a substantial profit margin. You can also include some of the secondary factors in the costing, such as the location.

Leverage the Location Aspect

Location is an essential aspect of cost calculation for car washing. Therefore, it will help if you carefully leverage the location aspect in your car wash cost calculation. Say, your car wash is located in an affluent area, then the customers can afford a higher price so that you can charge them a bit higher. Do not fall behind in doing some research to know what price your competitors are charging in the area. You can charge a bit higher than them by adding some extra features.

Add Extra Features

In addition to the hydraulic system for car wash, car wash owners can upsell extra features to enable their customers to customize their car wash experience. And such features can include:

Front Bug Prep

It is a cleaning feature that focuses on the hard to clean areas, such as the windshield, backsides of mirrors, and the front of vehicles. As customers are likely to pay for the feature, your revenues can go up.

3X Color Foam System

The 3X Color Foam Applicator bears the potential to lift the revenue of car washers. It can captivate the attention of the customers by applying three-color foam solutions to the vehicle. As such, they are likely to pay more.

Super Sealant System

Super Sealant System protects the surface of vehicles and helps in maintaining the shine of cars.

TriPlex Wheel Cleaning System

TriPlex Wheel Cleaning System makes tire scrubbing an entirely different process. A chemical application is put on each tire, and an intense bi-directional rotational scrubbing is applied to the wheels. Subsequently, a full-wheel, powerful blast follows that ensure optimal cleanliness.

Over Glow High Gloss Application System

An Over Glow High Gloss Application System adds to the car’s overall look with a colorful, thick sheet of solution draping the vehicle. It increases the likelihood of customers becoming ready to pay a bit more.

Attract Customers With an Illumination System

A bit of a show can add to your revenue. You can differentiate your car wash from that of your competitors with an exciting light show. It will delight customers and, at the same time, will also draw the attention of customers.

It will help if you invest in an illumination system that will illuminate your car wash bay with colorful light day and night. You can program such systems to display combinations of multiple colors that appear as flashing patterns of colored illumination to reflect your brand image.

You might find it challenging to realize that such an illumination system can be an impactful marketing tool. It can subtly prompt car owners to come you your car wash. At the same time, it can play a supportive role to make your existing customers coming back again and again.

Run a Paid Membership Program

You can leverage the capability of a paid membership to increase your revenue. A loyalty program, like a paid membership, is an impactful way to keep engaging your customers. Apart from contributing to the bottom line, a loyalty program can also enable you to understand your customers’ likes and dislikes. There is software that depicts such insights when you feed in the customer data.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is connect with customers and then engage them with a loyalty program. After that, formulate a strategy based on the insights you gain.


The car washing space is becoming highly competitive. And to sustain the intense competition and remain profitable, you can try out the solutions outlined in this article.

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